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Testing Program

CAASPP Testing (ELA, Math, Science) - All 11th graders
CAASPP State testing is scheduled for April 8 and 9, 2019 for all 11th grade students.  Please note that this is BEFORE spring break.   
AP Exam Registration for Spring 2019
AP EXAM registration begins January 28 and ends February 22. (This is a hard not wait until the last minute.)  Please stop by Room 235 (near the student store) to register yourself.  Cash and check are accepted.  Please make checks payable to "Uni High Student Body."   You will be given a receipt. 
All testing will happen in May. Please make sure you have your receipt and your student ID card on test day.  More info on the registration form below.  
At this time, we are not accepting test takers from outside of our school. 
About the PSAT
Update 1/11/19:  Scores were released electronically to the email included on the PSAT answer document in December.  Please check our email.  Paper scores will arrive to Uni in late January.  
The PSAT is a preliminary SAT (sometimes called Practice SAT).  Your scores and testing information are used to create a personalized study plan for the actual SAT.   All students in grades 9-11 are invited to take the PSAT.  Click here for more information about the PSAT:  
9th grade students:  Students are required to register at Uni High between September 11 - 21 in Room 235 (by the student store).  The fee is $16.  Listen for announcements. 
10th grade students:  LAUSD pays for every 10th grade student to take this exam.  Registration is not required and there is no fee. 
11th grade students: Students are required to register at Uni High between September 11 - 21 in Room 235 (by the student store).  The fee is $16.  In addition to SAT Prep, 11th grade students also compete in the National Merit Scholarship (full ride to college!) and other smaller scholarships.  In addition, there are a few fee waivers available to eligible 11th grade PSAT test takers.   These are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please help yourself by filing your meal application with LAUSD as soon as possible. 
This years test date is Wednesday, October 10th at 7:45am.  
 Please be attentive to your email and school announcements as test day approaches.  You will be required to present a Student ID card on test day and bring your own pencil/eraser. 
At this time, we are not accepting test takers from outside of our school. 
How to Register for the SAT or ACT
Register for the SAT online at
      University HS code to register:  051825
Students who qualify for fee waivers need to know their test date and have to apply before the deadline.  Check with Ms. Cruz in the Student Store during lunch.  Eligibility for a fee waiver is based on meal applications collected in the Fall. 
All SAT and ACT testing happens in the classroom building which is adjacent to the Upper Barrington parking lot.  On test day, students should arrive early and be ready to present identification and registration paperwork.   For further information, please email Mr. Cabrera at   
Are you a special education student? 
Do you receive 504 accommodations? 
Please note that accommodations for standardized exams like the PSAT/SAT/AP Exams need to be requested directly through the CollegeBoard for PSAT/SAT/AP.  There is a similar process for the ACT exam.  
IEP accommodations will not be provided automatically for students that do not have College Board Approved Services for Students with Disabilities.   It is the responsibility of each family/student to apply for those services (not the responsibility of the school).   Here is a link with more information about Services for Students with Disabilities:
SAT Digital Study
On February 6, 2019 all 11th and 12th grade students will take the SAT  Reading Test and complete a real SAT essay on a computer.  This is an opportunity for our students to take a practice SAT and the data will be reported ONLY to the student (not to Universities). No registration necessary.  The exam provides feedback to the College Board about digital test taking.   
SAT School Day
This year Uni High will offer the SAT to all 11th grade (Class of 2020) students FREE on Wednesday, March 6, 2019. This is a real exam and the scores will be reported.  No registration necessary. Stay tuned for more announcements!
CAASPP, PSAT, AP, ELPAC, and Reading Inventory Coordinator:  Ms. Garcia -
SAT and ACT coordinator: Mr. Cabrera
Fee Waivers for SAT/ACT: 
Ms. Cruz in the Student Store
Test Prep and Academic Support Online! FREE!
Parents and students, please visit Khan Academy for test prep resources.  There are also resources for every subject area. 
Parents, you can create an account and track your child's study time. 
Have your child create an account and make sure they write down their password.  
You also have the option to download the Khan Academy App for your mobile device.  Study anywhere!