UniversityHigh School Charter

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Release from Campus


Photo ID is required when checking out a student.  Students shall be released during the school day in the custody of an adult only:

    • When the adult is the student's parent/legal guardian, or if the adult is

       listed on the student emergency card.

    • After proper identification and verification is made.

    • After authorized adult has completed and signed a student release



Students shall be released during the school day without parent or legal guardian being present only:

    • When the adult who is the student's parent/legal guardian sends a

      Written or email request in advance listing:

             º Student name and Date of Birth

             º Date and time student is to be released.

             º Where the student is going upon being released (home, doctor,

               dentist, etc).

             º How the student will be leaving (walking, driving, etc).

             º Signature of parent/legal guardian.

             º Contact phone number.

    • After proper verification of request.


Email requests can be sent to Ms.Lewis in the attendance office:


Students will NOT be released to individuals who are NOT listed on their student emergency card.


Students will NOT be released through phone call requests.  All requests MUST be in