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Students » Student Community Service Requirement

Student Community Service Requirement

Community Service Requirement for Students
Students are required to serve a minimum of 10 hours of community service per year of attendance in order to be eligible to participate in graduation ceremonies. 
Upon completion of service, fill out and submit the form above to your academic counselor. 
Terms of Service: 
  • The hours served must be for the benefit of the community, not for the benefit of a profit making business
  • You may not count your membership in a religious organization, such a youth group or choice, as community service. However, if you perform community service hour with such a group, the hours do count. 
    • Ex - Performing religious duties does not count but helping with office work, tutoring, or maintenance at a religious institution counts. 
  • Membership in Scouts or Explorers does not count towards community service hours. If you perform volunteer work as a part of your scouting activities, you may count those hours.
  • Volunteering to work on a political campaign or to register voters counts as community service. 
  • If you participate in an after school or weekend service project at Uni, it counts as community service as long as it is not a class or club assignment for a grade. Working in the cafeteria, an office, a classroom, or as a tutoring during lunch or after school counts. If it is during class time, it does not count. 
  • Contributing blood during a blood drive counts as two hours of community service. 
  • Babysitting is not a community service. Day care is usually a business, not a non-profit organization, unless it is a Healthy Start or LAUSD childcare center, or other non-profit organizations where you are not getting paid. 
  • Volunteering at any hospital or free clinic counts, but volunteering at a private doctor's office does not. 
  • You may volunteer your time at any non-profit organization.