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MAST Magnet: Math, Art, Science and Technology

Earth Day 2021 Check out Uni MAST Magnet's 
Earth Day Virtual Gallery!
See the Earth Day related projects and activities that our magnet students have been working on in their classes by clicking on the link below.

MAST Magnet Mission Statement:

At Uni High’s MAST magnet, we take pride in our rigorous and collaborative Math, Art, Science, and Technology curriculum that emphasizes discovery and serves diverse student interests. In addition to providing magnet theme connections in their core classes, we offer three themed pathways of study for students to choose from: computer science, AVID, and digital arts. All students engage in a yearly themed project and have access to various enrichment opportunities to help them envision their future success in MAST careers.

MAST Magnet Vision Statement:

At Uni High’s MAST Magnet, we envision graduates who become active civic participants ready to embrace the world’s opportunities as well as social and environmental challenges. Our graduates are creative and flexible critical thinkers who have acquired academic and career-based skills and experiences, preparing them to compete in the media-rich global economy of the 21st century.

Learn more about our MAST Magnet and meet our teachers virtually at our virtual tour!


About Us:

Uni's MAST Magnet resides on one of the safest campuses in the district, and has a staff of dedicated teachers who are devoted to the high achievement of our students.  

Our students get to experience a small learning environment with dedicated magnet teachers and a magnet counselor, while also having access to the resources and opportunities of a large school with over 30 clubs, 24 AP classes and 14 varsity sports on our campus. Students in the MAST Magnet must take a three-year elective with a focus on either digital media arts, computer science, or AVID.  Our digital media career pathway uses Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and various drawing apps.  Our computer science pathway give students the opportunity to take introductory courses where they learn coding, problem solving robotics and web design. 

Students in our magnet also have theme-based enrichment opportunities such as field trips, competitions, and guest speakers. Our Magnet Club is a great way for students to meet each other and participate in field trips and volunteer opportunities with their peers. They meet every Tuesday at lunch in room 283.

Learn more about our MAST Magnet and meet our teachers virtually at our virtual tour!

MAST MAGNET Elective Pathways:

Digital Media: Digital Imaging 1, Digital Imaging 2, Digital Imaging Production

Computer Science: Exploring Computer Science, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science (Java Coding)

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination): AVID 9, AVID 10, AVID 11, AVID 12

Magnet Enrollment Information for 2022-23 School Year

All interested families must apply through
The on-time application window closes November 12. 

Fall 2021 Virtual Information Sessions
Click on each date below to register for the session.
The zoom link will be automatically emailed to you after registering. 


Magnet Enrollment Information for 2022-23 School Year

To apply:

Currently, our program for the 2020-2021 school year is full. But, we do have a wait list! Apply at to be on our wait list. 

 Read information below before applying to any magnet. . . 
* Before applying to any magnet, make sure you find out which bus routes are available to make sure there is a route near your home. Bus routes to Uni High's MAST Magnet can be downloaded from this site. 
 * When you apply for more than one school on the magnet application, keep in mind that if you do not get into any of the two or three choices, you will only be on the wait list for your first choice.  Therefore if you only want to apply to the MAST Magnet, then do not pick two other schools. If you do not get in, you will automatically be on the Wait List, which has priority over the Late List (parents who applied after November 9th). 
Do and don't when applying to any magnet:
Don't put a second or third choice on your application unless you intend to accept them if you don't get your first choice. (Parents pencil in a second or third choice thinking they have to). If you put in a second or third choice and get accepted, you are expected to enroll in that school. If you don't, you lose your points and must start over! 
Don't apply to a magnet before checking on their bus routes. Ask the magnet coordinator. There may not be a route for your child. 
Do go on a school tour to each magnet before applying. 


Frequently asked questions and answers:


 Q: My child was not in a magnet so I don't have points. Should I still apply? Will he/she have a chance of getting in?

A: Though having magnet points help students get placed in the lottery, we frequently accept students coming from private schools and charters who were never in a magnet. The most important thing to do to get in is to apply on time.  


Q: I applied on time. When will I find out if my child got accepted into University High School's MAST Magnet for the year 2021-22?

 A: Parents should start receiving emails and letters after mid March 2022. You must then accept or decline placement online. If you did not opt to accept or decline online, then you must email at to let the magnet coordinator know your decision.


Q: If my child is not on the active list, will he or she be on the wait list?

 A: It depends. For example, if you applied only to Uni High's MAST Magnet within the deadline, and did not get accepted you will definitely be on the wait list. If you applied within the deadline to two or three magnets, your child will be on the wait list of the school that you indicated as your first choice.  


Q: I put Uni's MAST Magnet as my 2nd choice, and now I am on the wait list for another school. Can I still apply to Uni's Magnet?

 A: You will have to apply again for the Late Application. 

Q: I missed the deadline. Can I still apply for the magnet?

 A: Yes. On February 1st 2019 you can apply online for a Late Application by going to

 You can only apply to one school per application. Therefore you can have multiple applications.


Q: I have accepted placement, so when will I find out about the bus route for my child?

 A: After you have officially enrolled your child at Uni, which is June 2019. Once you are in the school system, transportation notifications will be mailed to you from the district during the first week of August 2019.  


Q: If I applied late. When will I know if my child was accepted?

 A: You will have to wait until the magnet coordinator contacts you. Parents who applied late cannot be guaranteed placement in the school and should consider other options as a back up.


Q: What other options are there at Uni? I want my child to go to your school even if he/she does not get into the magnet.

 A: You can apply to Uni High's Charter. The link to apply will be on the website starting November 1st. 

Application window is November 1, 2018  to March 2, 2019.  Everyone must apply to the charter, but residents are guaranteed entry. 

Q: Are we eligible for transportation?
A: You are only eligible for transportation if the home address of the student is at least 5 miles away from Uni "as the crow flies", meaning in a straight line. You can use this map to search your address and see if you are eligible:
Q: Do magnets offer transportation from any part of Los Angeles?
A: I recommend that you look at bus routes for each school before applying to any magnet. Bus routes are set to certain areas and each school is different. Students who apply to Uni High and live in the valley, Venice, North Hollywood, West Hollywood, Westchester and Long Beach will not have a bus route to Uni High and therefore must rely on other forms of transportation. Please check the bus routes to Uni  on the right side of this page.
Many students who come to Uni have a TAP Card with a discount. Parent can download the forms online and mail it in. It will cost $24 a month. 

Magnet Coordinator: Lauren França

9th Grade Counselor:  Norma Uribe

Magnet Counselor Grades 10 - 12:

Tamala Crawford


Transportation Questions?

Check out the Bus Routes pdf above to check your eligibility and see our bus routes.

Students who live more than five miles ("as the crow flies") from Uni qualify for transportation.

For information about the bus route: 

LAUSD Transportation Services Division

1-800-LA-BUSES (522-8737)

General Questions or Concerns: 

District Supervisor

Mr. Baker (310) 826-4393

District Supervisor Assistant

Edna Agee